It's Sadly Looking Like The Nick Foles To The Eagles Talk Is As Real As It Gets

To all you multiple jackhats yelling at me yesterday saying that Adam Schefter’s report was fake, calm your tits. First off, I am 10000000% trusting the widely recognized leader of sourcery in the Midget From Michigan than anyone locally. Les Bowen, who refuted the claim Pederson wants Foles back in green, does decent stuff. But to just scoff off Schefter, who NOW DOUBLE DOWNS ON THIS REPORT, is something I won’t do. Now other local people are coming out with their own sources who are backing Schefter’s claims and, basically, all I got left is this:


In all seriousness, if this actually happens I won’t renounce my citizenship from Eagles Nation. Nope. But I will root for this franchise to fail and fail HARD in the short term. That’s the only way Jeffrey Lurie will realize the problem that is Howie Roseman and hire someone football worthy to be in charge that’ll build his organization the way it should be built. This front office is in disarray and there’s zero chance of success – I.E. a SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP – until it gets fixed.

PS – Does it get any more spot on than this?