The NBA Made A Mixtape Of Vince Carter's Raptors Years And It's INCREDIBLE

It’s crazy to think about just how much fun it was to watch Vince Carter was at his peak. I honestly thought he had a chance to be kind of a Michael Jordan Lite when it was all said and done. UNC education, dunk contest champion, elite scorer, incredible nicknames (Vinsanity, Half Man/Half Amazing, Air Canada) and maybe a few titles. And then it all seemed to turn around when he went to his college graduation, lost Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals to the 76ers at home, and slowly went from superstar to star to running joke about guy who always gets hurt to guy that somehow is still playing and occasionally can remind you of the good old days when he throws down a dunk.

Raptors Vince Carter is the only guy that I think would have been a bigger draw than Steph during the age of gifs, Vine and Twitter. His dunk contest win would have broke Twitter. Same for the dunk over Frederic Weis. And the way he abused some of the best centers in that video would have done numbers. Hell, I remember that dunk against the Pacers where he blew by Chris Mullin. It got it’s own segment on SportsCenter. I don’t know what happened to Vince other than injuries (fucking Jumper’s Knee or whatever it was). But it’s a damn tragedy for NBA fans that Vince kinda just vanished like that at a time when the NBA wasn’t nearly as likable as it is now.

And can you even imagine if Vince went to his college graduation and lost Game 7 of the playoffs with today’s media and news cycle? Hot takes raining down from the skies while everything from graduation caps to diplomas to all of Chapel Hill and Toronto being covered in Crying Jordan memes.