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An Old Dude Getting Swept Out To Sea Is Pretty Much The Scariest Video Ever



A couple things. One, I almost started crying while watching that. Not afraid to admit it. When that old fella basically got eaten up by the sea, I almost lost it. It happened SO fast. Bodies of water don’t fuck around. One second you’re enjoying the scenery and the next second you’re down a family member and chasing his body into the water as he helplessly lays on his back like it’s a water slide. Second, probably not a great idea to take a 90-year-old guy next to a giant body of water with crashing waves unless you’re purposely trying to kill him. Take him to the park. Or to bingo. Not a bad plan if you are trying to kill him though. “Hey you have a lot of money that I want. Wanna go to the beach today and see the GIANT waves crash onto the beach? Let’s do it! Oh no! The sea ate you!” If he had died in that video, it would’ve been ruled an accident. 100%. Nothing short of a miracle they were able to fish him out and save him. Scary as shit.