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Couple Of Dudes Tried To Perform An Exorcism On Ted Cruz Last Night And I Think It May Have Actually Worked?



Has this election gone completely off the rails this year because of social media or does weird shit like this always happen? I feel like this one is absolutely bananas. You got Trump calling people pussies, Hillary being cringeworthy and dabbing, every other day someone dies at a Bernie Sanders rally and now this, a mock exorcism during a Ted Cruz speech. And you know what the crazy part is? I think it may have actually worked. Did you see Ted Cruz’s face at the end there? That was the face of a guy who has no idea what just happened but definitely knows something took place. Just a small hint of nervousness that there actually was some devil inside of him until these bros showed up with a broken mirror and a cross. Could also just be Cruz’s weird face but I think an exorcism actually happened. Wild times on the campaign trail. One second you’re talking to your people and the next the devil himself is being sucked from your vessel of a body.



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