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The Yankees Shut Down The Cubs On Twitter


Turns out its not just the fans that will pull out the “27 rings” on people, the social media intern will too. Yes its a low blow to a team that was just in the NLCS but when someone hits you, you hit back.

It all started when a Yankees fan tweeted that the Yankees Twitter was better than the Cubs Twitter.


Based on his follower count and the way he constructed his tweet, this would have been seen by maybe 40 people. Wouldn’t have exactly lit the world on fire. Plus you would think that after all these years of disappointment, they would just let this one go and retweet some people who said that the Cubs are great. We in the Twitter biz call that “Pulling a Portnoy”. Instead they poked the bear and got put back in place only to call a truce.

Thing could have gone on for a while but two historic franchises like the Yanks and Cubs going to dive into a real Twitter gutter war. Mostly because if this went one tweet further, someone would be fired like the guy from the Rockets last year.


This is what Twitter needs though. They need to get sports teams and celebrities going at it to save this company. Doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake or the Cubs ex jumped into to say they’re into some freaky stuff in the bedroom. Controversy drives retweets and retweets drive stock price.