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Apparently Cam Newton Walked Out Of His Post-Game Press Conference Because He Could Hear Chris Harris Bragging



Is it idiotic that Super Bowl players, both winners and losers, give their press conferences separated by a sheet? Yeah, it’s dumb as hell. But the NFL is like bird law, it’s not governed by reason. They’re a multi-billion dollar company that decided Belichick’s proposal for more cameras was too expensive, you think they’re gonna spring for each team to have their own room? Of course not.


But it doesn’t count as an excuse for Cam on this one. You’ve got to sit there and take your lumps. If you’re a guy who’s danced in everyone’s face all year, you gotta have the balls to take it. Cam’s the guy guy who said if you don’t like me dancing, stop me. He’s the guy who made a fucking commercial preaching “too bad they don’t make band aids for feelings.”





If you do that kind of shit then you can’t turn into a little baby when you go down and can hear the other team talking about how their game plan worked to perfection. Don’t like hearing the winners celebrate? Stop them. Being contractually obligated to face the media after a loss makes you sad? Well, too bad they don’t make band aids for feelings.