Francesa Kills Peyton Manning for Kissing Papa John

Listen you know me. I’m all about snaking it. I’m all about selling out. I’m all about making as much money as you can as quickly and as easily as you can. So if Peyton wants to drink Budweiser and eat Papa Johns after the Super Bowl and he wants to tell the whole world that, God bless him.

But Francesa is 100% right, there’s a time and a place for that sort of shit. And during the biggest moment of your career after putting the cherry on top, PAHPA JAWN can’t be the first guy you kiss. That moment is reserved. That’s either family or maybe Mrs. Bowman or even Elway or something. Not PAHPA JAWN. I’ll never tell a guy that he’s already made too much or that he needs to stop making money but just reserve your post game kisses for someone other than PAHPA JAWN. Some things are sacred.