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My Girl Gigi Throwing SMOKE On The Latest Cover Of Vogue

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GIGI DA GAWD.  Mercy mercy me that Murcielago.  That’s just pure sex right there. Dripping all over the cover of that magazine. Gigi is the new It girl and if you don’t agree then you’ve got more than a few things in common with Stevie Wonder. She’s about to take over the world if she hasn’t already. A frightening amount of hotness.  Now if we could just get her to break up with that One Direction fella and see if she’s into Iowa bloggers then we’d really be cooking. Also, Kendall better watch the fuck out or Gigi is gonna blow up 100x bigger than her. It’s bound to happen.  Gigi is way way way hotter than Kendall. They’re “friends” butI can’t even imagine the amount of catty comments that go on behind the scenes between those two. Sure, Kendall has the reality show angle but Gigi is a goddamn thoroughbred. All hail and bow before Gigi da gawd.






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This caption is sneaky hilarious by the way

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What’s Chanel N 5 when she’s clearly wearing no clothes? It’s perfume. The little winky face emoji made it move. She knows what she’s doing.  That’s also when you know you’ve made it. Hey Gigi, we want you to model perfume on our cover.  And only perfume. I don’t care if people can’t smell it on the magazine. Get naked.  Not a bad pick up line for the bar if you don’t mind getting slapped in the face 99 times for every 100 times you use it. “What’s that perfume you’re wearing? I’d love to see you in that and only that.” Actually that pick up line fucking sucks even by cheesy pick up line standards. Feel free to give it a roll though.




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