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Gooooodddddbbbyyyeeeee Riley Cooper


And don’t let your Truck Nuts get caught in the door on the way out. The move was easily two+ years too late. Cooper’s talent, or obvious lack thereof, just didn’t justify A) His bloated contract. B) His playing time. How many games did he play this year where he was on the field for a majority of the snaps and didn’t record a catch? Oh here –

Because who needs to catch when you can just block? Embarrassing. And, C) The glaring distraction of him calling out every black person at the Kenny Chesney concert. All 3 of em. There was simply no reason for him being on this team for this long. GTFO and don’t come back. Life will be much more enjoyable lived out in a dive bar being that “Weekend” coach for a high school football squad, anyways.

Still, this is a complete 180 from last February when the Eagles made Riley Cooper the figurehead for Black History Month. That was cute.


And, yes, the worst part may be there weren’t 12 players on this team better to feature as months than Riley Cooper.