A Girl Taking A Selfie Ended Up Capturing A Slow Motion Brawl Between Two Drunk Russian Guys


I enjoyed this fight, not only because having a decent looking Russian girl in frame like that dude who’d pop his head in and shout “TOASTY!” in Mortal Kombat was a nice added bonus but also because of how much you had going on here. You went from this:


Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.29.07 AM

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.30.41 AM


..where I’m pretty sure it looks like they’re making some almost definitely illegal gay Russian pornography while this girl yuks it up. But then it transitions into blue shirt getting into the mount and just straight up hammering down on him like old school UFC Brock Lesnar and I couldn’t believe how long it took for someone to stop him. But even better is you have this girl not even batting an eyelash, even smirking a little while the guy in the green got creamed and that’s the one thing I love the most about Russian girls. A lot of hood chicks act like they’re a ride or die chick because they dated some thuggish guy once or fingered themselves to Belly when they were in middle school. But you look in the eyes of this chick gleefully recording a drunk Russian guy beating another into a coma and that’s what a true Eastern European ride or die chick is, one who’ll not only hide the gun and scrub the house with bleach but also make a mean stroganoff afterwards.


Also besides the fighting this video definitely looked like one of those porn sites where they pick up hitchhiking Czech chicks and then bang them and I’m in on that too. Really great video all around from where I sit in case that wasn’t clear.


(h/t Theladbible)