Feminist Organization Was A Real Blast Calling Out All The Sexist Super Bowl Commercials

Do you know what NARAL is? Good, me neither. Apparently it stands for the “National Abortion Rights Action League,” and, boy, are they a good time. During the Super Bowl they started the #NotBuyingIt hashtag in order to shame all the companies who had commercials that had sexist or transphobic (I’m getting a red squiggly line under transphobic, kinda transphobic IMO) commercials. In case you were wondering which ones were, it was pretty much all of them. If you watched the Super Bowl then you are a sexist, patriarchal pig who deserves to be shot on sight.


In case you were wondering what disgusting companies use such advertising tactics, so you can boycott them, here they are #NotBuyingIt





Ugh. First he gives the keys to the man and then stalks the date? Gross. Women can drive, Hyundai. Not well, but they can do it. How about you be a good dad, let your daughter get fucked because her date won her a bear at the carnival, and let her kill herself on the car ride down the mountain while she re-applies her makeup. That’s what a real dad does.






Real nice message. Implying that women are ok with you lifting up their skirts as long as you provide them with candy and also a consent contract along with handsome compensation for their iconic photo shoot? Pffft, eat a Snickers, you get a little rapey when you’re hungry.


Don’t even get me started on the blatant transphobia. A man in a dress? Who does he think he is, an actor playing a different person or something?








This was the best you could do, Buick? The “it” supermodel along with one of the best wide receivers in football coming together to replicate one of the great catches in NFL history is the commercial you decided to run during the Super Bowl? Try a little harder next time.




Hyundai (again!)



So this is why Kevin Hart gave the boyfriend the keys? Because women are sex maniacs who get distracted every time they see an insanely hot guy (Ryan Reynolds is insanely hot, no two ways about that)? According to the people at Hyundai women are creatures with hormones and a biology that causes attractive members of the opposite sex to catch their attention and illicit a physiological response. Boycott.






Where’s the female astronaut in this commercial about a son helping his father remember his youth? Why didn’t the son morph into a woman in the father’s fantasy and become the daughter he’d always wanted? Why didn’t Bowie write a song about a Starwoman? It’s all sickening.







Sure there are a lot of problems with this ad. The father, getting to be the fun dad and playing with the baby while it’s still in utero and the mom being the mean one, telling him to stop messing around. But my real issues lie with the #antichoice aspect of it. That baby never even gave the mom the option of aborting it. Just decided I want Doriots and I’m coming out! Not a great message to send to fetuses, it’s the woman’s body and it’s her choice, not there’s. Doesn’t matter how many delicious snacks we have out here.




There’s the list. So please, if you care about humanity, refuse to buy any of these products until they come out and apologize while wearing a cilice, to show they’re truly repentant.