Islanders Put Up An Eight Spot Against Edmonton

I’m not going to sit here and act like this was a major win for this team. Edmonton is as dead as it gets right now and beating up on poor Anders Nilsson is nothing to boast about.

Was it big? Yes. Is it the type of win they can use to build off going into a rough month of February? Of course. Is it the type of win that can turn a whole season around, get your All Star Captain back into the scoring mix, and bring the whole team back from the brink of death? Well I fucking hope so too dude.

All in all, today was just some good ol’ fashioned Islanders hockey.

Matty Martin punching faces the backs of heads.

Feb 07, 2016 16:51

Okposo going top cheddar for the hat trick.

Feb 07, 2016 16:54

And a little thing I like to call “Strome to Tavares”

Feb 07, 2016 16:48

6 goal scorers all together, as the Isles were for sure eatin’ today.

In just his second game back from injury, we saw Johnny B, the SnowBoss, play one of his best games in an Isles uniform. Him being reunited with Leddy was a nice little treat to start my sunday and MAN did it pay off. Capuano has been preaching defense first all year and this was the top-4’s best game as a group. Despite Edmonton’s current state of sucking at the sport of hockey, this is a team that can still find the back of the net, letting up a lone goal [scored by McDavid, of course] is an accomplishment I’ll take any day of the week.

Another name that stuck out today was the great Greiss Almighty. I’ve been saying that the Isles have two starters at their disposal for months now, but Thomas Greiss is doing his damnedest to prove me wrong and ink his name as the team’s lone #1. I’m always gunna be #TeamJaro but I would expect to see Greiss in net for most of February, so long as he keeps up his stellar play [currently 5-1-0 in his last 6, I think that’s kind of deece]

With a brutal 2nd half of the season staring the Isles in the face, now is the time for this team to take a strong 8-1 win at home and begin to let the momentum roll. Columbus on Tuesday, Los Angeles on Thursday, but tonight, We Eatin’.