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New York Rangers Should Look In The Mirror If They Want To Get Upset Over Simmonds "Sucker Punch"


Well now that’s just racist…

Okay so let’s just lay out some quick facts here before we get started. Yes, Wayne Simmonds punched Ryan McDonagh. No, you are not allowed to do that. Yes, it should have been a penalty. No, it should not have been a match penalty for “intent to injure a player”. Equating this punch to the Lucic punch from last week is such an absurd stretch. Because this particular play happens all the time in hockey. It’s an emotional and physical game. The only reason this ended with Simmonds getting tossed is because saying Ryan McDonagh having a jaw made out of glass would be the most insulting thing anyone has ever said about glass. Trust me, I’m not here to defend Wayne Simmonds’ punch. But let’s not get carried away and act as if the New York Rangers are completely innocent in all of this.

There’s a pretty simple rule in the game of hockey. Control your stick and you don’t get your face punched. I don’t think McDonagh intentionally cross checked Simmonds in the head but he did it anyway and was penalized for doing so. When you have clowns like McDonagh coming up high with their stick like that and then you also have clowns like Chris Kreider following through with his butt end like this…

…it’s easy to see why Simmonds was so frustrated and McDonagh got popped. Kinda hard to feel bad for the guy at that point. It’s just hilarious to me how Rangers fans will try to spin this game today to say that Philly is the dirty team when both teams were equally as guilty out there. And it’s that style of play that makes this game fun. Players get heated and they get chippy and that type of environment is great, as fans, to watch. It’s all part of the game and it’s all good and well. It’s just ridiculous how one fan base can get so up in arms over a little bunny jab while still supporting shit like this.

If anything that slewfoot is way more dangerous than Simmonds’ punch. But that wouldn’t fit the narrative for Rangers’ fans in this situation. All I’m saying is that you lose all credibility to get upset over a “sucker punch” when your team is out there butt-ending guys in the mouth, cross checking them in the head and then slewfooting which is the lowest of the lows. But sure, keep pretending like your team is all class and that Philly is a bunch of dirtbags because we like it better that way anyway.


P.S. – I can’t get enough of Ghost. Love this kid more than anything. So sneaky with everything he does.

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No Coots. Lost Simmonds in the 1st period. Ryan White goal. Yeah, I’ll take the point. Would have been nice to make it out of that one with both of them, but still a solid game from the boys.