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LDRIC The Golf Robot Makes History By Becoming The First Robot To Ace #16 At TPC Scottsdale



Impressive and terrifying at the same time. LDRIC (get it?) acing the par-3 at #16 and the crowd goes wild. This is yet another step in the direction for a complete and total robot takeover.  One day we’ll look back when we’re the house pets to a race of super smart robots and wonder why we did it in the first place.  We’re basically enabling and nurturing a race to take us over and become the dominant species. In the long view of history, that’s gonna be the dumbest thing we ever do. Create that very thing that enslaves us.  Sure, it’s just a harmless robot who can hit a golf ball. For now. Next thing you know they’ll learn to have feelings and ambition and then we’re fucked. Also pretty sobering to know that a robot is way better at golf than you. LDRIC (get it yet?) made that look way too easy.



Now let’s watch the real Eldrick hit a hole-in-one on #16 and watch the crowd lose its collective shit





Ahhhhhh the good ol’ days. Is Tiger still alive?  Honestly.