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Is Jon Lovitz Doing Adult Films Now? Find Out In This Edition Of Top P-hub Comments Of The Week


If it’s Friday, it’s Top Pornhub Comments of the Week. A time when we get to sit back and reflect on how lucky we are to just be a bunch of guys being dudes. Because life could be much weirder for all of us. We could be a bunch of guys commenting on internet porn. But that’s not the case (at least not for the majority of us). So with that in mind, let’s dive right into this week of bizarro.

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That’s just a good ol’ fashion truth bomb for you kids at home. Never once had a great party without the bean dip. Family gathering without bean dip? I’d rather die. Orgy without bean dip? As if.

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This comment is a lot funnier if you read it in a Swedish accent like those guys from Family Guy.

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This just goes to show you that all girls suck. If you don’t like something, then don’t fake it. Our brains are too small to decipher when you actually like something and when you don’t. Tell us what you want, we’ll see what we can make work, flail around for a minute or two and call it a day. Doesn’t need to be a whole elaborate hoax.

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“cummed” is not the correct past tense form of “cum” and it skeeves me the fuck out when people use that instead of came. And yes, I can 100% believe this person is wearing footy pajamis.

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I still don’t really know what all this Fine Brothers hoopla but internet people seem to be up in arms about it so this was both topical and kinda funny. TBones blog explaining this whole thing here.

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Need to get this printed on a t-shirt right away. That’s how you make that Chernin money.

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I’m just gonna go ahead and say yes, Jon Lovitz is now doing porn. You heard it here first.

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I’d love to get mad at Hillary for spending $9 thousand on pizza in Iowa, but pizza is pretty fucking awesome. The next time I get angry at someone for buying pizza will be the first time.


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These ladies may not be winning the Super Bowl on Sunday, but someone will be. So have yourselves a great Super Bowl weekend and get after it. As always, feel free to send any comments you come across to @BarstoolJordie on Twitter. Hope you all enjoyed this week in freaks and don’t forget to stay sexy out there.