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Temple Head Coach Matt Rhule Capped Off A Successful National Signing Day By CRUSHING A Ton Of Karaoke

TAKE IT, COACH! Was that one of The Temptations up there hitting those high notes? Nope. Just a 40-something football coach after scoring some big time players on National Signing Day. Good for Coach Rhule for letting his guard down and being a man of the people. Hopefully he keeps this kind of stuff, and of course winning, up for the next few years while we still have him. Unfortunately, you can only be a success at Temple for so long until Big Money comes a callin’, even though Al Golden may want his old job back.

McGillian’s Karaoke. You never know who is gonna pop in whether be some awkward cracker rocking Love Shack or Eagles players celebrating the early off-season with Total Eclipse Of The Heart. Still surpised Kelce went The Dan Band route instead of the Michael Scott patented Total Eclipse Of The Fart. To each their own.

h/t Dev