Video Of Vagina Weightlifting Is Mesmerizing




That video/ this whole thing is absolutely insane. She’s an expert in “vaginal kung-fu”, who knew that was a thing? Not me, that’s for sure. I’m still in awe from that. Actually, ill never not be in awe of this whole thing. If I could lift things with my vagina I would literally never use my arms again. I’m not kidding my arms would become completely useless (except not completely useless because there are a lot things you need your arms where your vagina would not be a sufficient substitute). But still, I would do it ALL THE TIME because that’s awesome. Who knows maybe I can do that, I’ve never actually tried it. Maybe that’s where all my strength is hiding and the reason why my arms can’t lift things like they should. All I need to do is get one of those giant marble things and find out. Also, in the video it says doing this can make a woman be able to shoot ping pong balls out of her vagina and ejaculate across the room. Across. The fucking. Room. When she said that I had an audible reaction. That might be the most insane part of this whole thing. You know, other than the fact that she can lift up a surf board with her vagina with ease. She also says “the power that every women holds is between her legs” something that we already knew but this gives it a whoollee new meaning.

P.S if you think I’m not ending every tweet for the rest of forever with the hashtag  #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina then you don’t know me very well. A+ hashtag right there.