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We Just Had Our First Of Probably Many Dabs On #16 At The WMPO Courtesy Of Harold Varner III



And just like that, I’m back in on the Dab. I pronounced it dead after an Iowa politician did it but Harold Varner III just pumped life back into it. I’m all in on golfers hitting the Dab. Don’t tell me the Dab isn’t relevant anymore either. The man credited for making the Dab famous is about to play in the biggest sporting event of the year and he will undoubtedly hit the Dab.  Also, I’m a big proponent of anything that makes golf traditionalists squirm. It’s my favorite thing. It’s why I love Rickie’s joggers and high tops so much. It’s why I want Varner to hit the Dab a few more times. Let’s pump some youth into this fucking thing. Maybe Varner can hit the Dab at Augusta National in a couple months and then probably get banned forever. Worth it. But really, the 16th at the WMPO is the best place to do it because it’s a crowd that actually understands what it is. Well done, sir. HVIII about to become a big time fan favorite everywhere he goes.