Bill Romanowski Says He'd Stop Cam Newton By Choking Him To Death




Gotta love Romo. I’m sure Panthers fans and a ton of other people are going to get up in arms about this, I’ll admit I’d be singing a different tune if he was talking about Tom Brady, but this was fantastic. Romo was legitimately offended that they thought he was joking, or would choke softly or quickly. “Huh? No, I choke hard and hopefully he won’t be able to breather for a really, really long time.”


One of my favorite parts of Super Bowl week are when all the old players come out and start talking like old players with severe brain trauma issues. Bill played in a different time and it’s endearing, like when your grandfather calls Asians, Orientals. You gotta just laugh at it. He’s from the day when they were gladiators who legitimately tried to kill each other, they shook off brain bruises, and they didn’t have a million HD cameras or social so people on Twitter could yell, “Hey play this incredibly brutal sport with some class, you dirtbag!” if they caught you choking the life out of someone. Bill’s old school, give me more of that.



PS – Find me two bigger dinks than Chris Simms and that dude in the sweatshirt. Romo was looking for a locker to stuff them in the entire time.