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Here's Colin Cowherd With A Piss Poor Attempt At "Comedy" At The Expense Of Eagles Fans

OMG OMG OMG THIS IS SOOOOOO PHILLY!!! The cheesesteak sponsorship and threatening violence every 2 seconds were so unpredictable I almost spit out my soft pretzel and I wasn’t even eating any. Did you see they changed his name from Colin to Colon? HILARIOUS!!! Never knew Eagles fans talk in NY accents, either.

What a crock of dick, Cowherd. Seriously cringeworthy stuff. I know it’s a shame that maybe 10% of blowharded Eagles fans represent this kind of horseshit on a national scale, but be freaking better. If you’re gonna put out a piece making fun of something so “Cliche”, at least put a little originality and effort into the product. Or better actors. That acting was on mogul Hair Apparent levels of forced. Absolutely SHOCKED there wasn’t a reference or 40 to the time snowballs were thrown at Santa Clause literally a half a century ago. That seems right up Sid from Ice Age’s school of funny.