Brian Dawkins Jr. Commits To Clemson, On Schedule To Be An Eagle By 2021

It’s all coming together as planned. Brian Dawkins Jr. follows his father’s footsteps to Clemson, does good but not great enough to where he’s overlooked, gets drafted by the Eagles in the 2nd round of an upcoming draft, goes on to become an absolute legend. It’s happening. In fact, he’s already showing shades of his Pops at the HS level. Here he is laying the boom like Daddy Dawk:

Not the cleanest or hardest of hits, but that’ll come. Little Dawk went in standing straight up and almost decapitated the defenseless receiver. If this were the No Fun League he’d be suspended for a life. BUT, what is genetic is the timing of the wood matched with the intensity. It’s all reminiscent of his father. Weapon X II. is going to look great in some Midnight Kelly Green come 2021. Book it.