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Francesa And Russo Preview The Mike And The Mad Dog Reunion At The Rangers Game Last Night

Dog is 1000% right. The Mike and the Mad Dog hiatus (yes, its a hiatus. A long one. But in the end it will be called a hiatus) has only fueled the fire when it comes to Mongo Nation. If Francesa and Russo were still doing their show for the past 6 years or whatever, we’d all take it for granted. It would just be our regular afternoon sports radio show. But because its been taken away from us, Mike and the Mad Dog becomes legend. Folklore. Its almost like when artists become more famous after they’re dead. Van Gogh didnt become a legend until he chopped of his ear and died. Mike and Dog, while already legends, just went to the next level after the break up.

March 30th cant get here fast enough. Your boy paid way too much money for 2 top notch tickets to see a couple of 60 year old dudes talk to each other and I couldnt be more excited about it. No joke out of all the live events I could see – music, comedy, sports, whatever – Mike and Dog is number 1. Pardon me…numbah one.