All The Things You're Not Allowed To Say To Your Kid That You Wish You Could - Mailtime

I’m battered. I’m broken. I’m defeated. Fatherhood wins. I’m ready to tap out after just 2 months. But thats not how this whole parenting thing works so I gotta keep on keepin on. And so now I’m at the point where I wanna just be straight up with my kid. I want to be like alright listen, we’re 2 months into this. You know me. I know you. We can be honest with each other, right? Ok.


I seriously want to just say that right to her face. Not in a scary malicious way. Just being like Yooooo you gotta shut the fuck up!

So todays episode is the top 5 things you wanna say to your kid but you’re not allowed to. If you got kids, you’ll know what I’m talking about it. If you dont, today’s episode will be some good birth control for you.

We also talk about the Kanye West hoax, my triumphant return to the gym and exercising, One Minute Man and we begin this week’s Mailtime Mailbox.