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Somebody Performed Surgery On A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup And Filled It With Oreo Cream



That video was oddly mesmerizing. And not just because I love both of the food items involved but because the way it was shot. Borderline creepy how far they went to make it seem like an actual surgery.  I will say this though, when the person in that video eventually ends up murdering someone and sewing their head to a cookie jar and the police ask, “Were there any signs of psychotic behavior? Any signs we missed that would’ve pointed to him being deranged?” we’re all gonna feel really bad that we didn’t speak up. That person’s blood is gonna be all over our chocolate-stained fingers. In every back story of every serial killer ever there’s always the part where they talk about their childhood and how they liked to chop the heads off of cats and sew them to a bird’s body. There are always signs and that video right right there is a bright neon one. Let me be clear, would I eat a Reese’s peanut butter cup filled with Oreo cream?  Of course I would. I’m only human. I’m just saying the mad scientist who came up with the idea is bound to kill one day.