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Malcolm Jenkins Eloquently Explains On SportsNation Why Chip Kelly Was Let Go From A Players Perspective

OK, Malcolm. I get it. Chip Kelly lacked emotional communication with his players. Granted, maybe millionaires playing a game for a living could go out and do their jobs like professionals day in and day out, but that’s a lot to ask in 2016. Egos need to be massaged and feelings can’t be hurt. God forbid if Lord Belichick doesn’t hug and comfort every one of his guys when a roster move is made…oh, he doesn’t? The Patriots just act like professionals in a business? OK. And if anything, Malcolm saying there needed to be more confidence instilled after Chip went batshit with moves last season pisses me off at the Eagles front office even more. Again, if Howie Roseman never snakes his way into firing Chip’s hand picked player peronell guy Tom Gamble, Chip never demands full control (because he can’t trust snakes) and last off season never happens. Screw everything.

LOVE Malcolm Jenkins shooting down Marcellus Wiley’s loaded, bullshit, race-baiting “Fill in the blank” about Chip Kelly and black players. Really? I know this is SportsNation where attempted journalism meets worse entertainment, but that might have been the worst, outdated, most unprofessional question ever asked on ESPN until that day’s First Take is aired.