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Stick A Fork In Smitty: Online Poker May Be Legal In New York When Barstool Relocates To The Big Apple


OPR – New York passed an online poker bill out of a committee hearing for the first time since the topic of iGaming regulation was introduced in 2013. Bills have been introduced in recent years to regulate online poker in the state, but this is the first time any such legislation has progressed past its initial introduction. The bill — S5302B — didn’t spend much time being considered in Tuesday’s committee, which briefly touched on several bills and reported them out of committee. The entire hearing only lasted four minutes. A vote did not take place publicly during the hearing, but the committee’s website shows the bill passing by a vote of 9-0. Sen. John Bonacic, the sponsor of the bill and the chairman of the Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee, offered a brief statement on the milestone for the legislation: “S.5302-B took a necessary step forward today with its vote out of the Racing Committee. The Bill now goes to the Finance Committee and I anticipate having ongoing discussions with my colleagues in both Houses regarding this bill as session moves forward.”