Drew Brees' Kid Rooting For The Giants Instead Of The Saints Is Cold-Blooded


Poor Drew Brees cannot catch a break.  Sure he’s a Super Bowl winning, multi-millionaire quarterback.  But he’s had to fight for everything he’s gotten throughout his life.  Undersized.  Birth mark smack dab on the middle of his face.  And a son that actively roots against him.  And not only his son, but the son he made famous.  Girls ovaries exploded after he held his kid on the podium following the Saints’ Super Bowl championship.  Kid will live on easy street with the ladies after that moment.  And now he has the nerve to root against his dad?  That’s just vicious, man.

I also never understood kids that root against their dad’s teams.  Unless your dad was a real piece of shit, he has failed you as a parent if you root against his teams.  Having a son that doesn’t root for your teams is every dad’s nightmare (other than the dads that keep trying for a son and now have to worry about their litter daughters from the age of 13-on). But A+ work from Drew exacting a little revenge with that loose tooth story.  I hope he didn’t give the kid any Legos and told him the Tooth Fairy was fake.  Gotta re-establish dominance in the house before the kid thinks he runs the roost.


P.S. If Baylen watched every Giants and Saints this year, he probably didn’t see one meaningful stop on defense.