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John Scott Has Already Been Approached For A Movie Deal About His Life Story

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In what has been one of hockey’s crazier storylines, John Scott has gone from being hated by fans across North America to the making the biggest Face turn since Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 13[fuck, am I nerd].

Scott has won over hockey fans both old and new. And though we may not be seeing him in the NHL anytime soon, The new Johnny Hockey may be coming to a movie theatre nearest you, according to his agent.

“The John Scott ride has been nothing short of a rollercoaster to an incredible ending,” Hankinson told TSN. “We do have a lot of different options for him to pursue, but he’s not looking to do everything there is. He’s going to have some different routes that he can take as far as books and even a potential movie. He can take it as far as he wants to.”

Jan 31, 2016 18:47Game. Set. Match. Scott.

This is a movie anyone can get behind. The everyday man struggling to support his children on a rough 6-figure salary, thrust into the spotlight with the only expectation being embarrassment. Yet the protagonist thrives under pressure and turns a whole nation of hockey loving weirdos into supporters. The ultimate underdog story.

The one and only take away from this story is that if you are terrible at your job, to the point where everyone hates you, just hold on out and keep doing you booboo. Never know when someone might come along, troll your company, vote you into the Company picnic relay race, and then film a movie about it once you win the whole damn thing. We are all John Scott at the end of the day.

PS – No chance they don’t hire Jason Sudeikis to play your boy Johnny Hockey.

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h/t TSN