HA!!!!! Eagles Suspend Search For Player Personnel Head Until At Least After The Draft


Birds 24/7 – The Eagles have temporarily halted their search for a new personnel exec and are not expected to make a hire until after the draft, according to Geoff Mosher.

The Eagles, who have no scouting chief after firing coach Chip Kelly and top personnel executive Ed Marynowitz, are looking for a high-ranking senior executive to lead the scouting department and determine the fate of current scouts, per sources, but they opened their search at a time when NFL teams are knee deep in the pre-draft process and would be reluctant to allow a top personnel executive to leave.

Teams don’t normally allow an experienced, senior executive to walk out their doors about one month from free agency and less than three months from the draft.

So the Eagles, who are marching forward with first-time head coach Doug Pederson, have temporarily suspended their search.

Jeffrey Lurie announced at Doug Pederson‘s introductory press conference that they were about to begin their search for a new personnel head. Those efforts ramped up in Mobile, as the Eagles hoped to have someone in place around the time of the Super Bowl.

Hardy fucking har! Just when you think this organization couldn’t get away with pissing on the fanbase while telling us it’s raining anymore, Jeffrey Lurie and company open up the floodgates for a complete Golden Showering that may drown us all for good. How about Lurie bold face LYING during Doug Pederson’s press conference saying a lead talent evaluator will be hired ASAP and Howie Roseman will not be 100% in charge of player personell? It smelled like bull shit from the start, and at least now the stench has been confirmed. Because why go out and find the next Ozzie Newsome or Bill Polian when you appointed your old GM back to the same exact position where he didn’t do dick for 4+ years. So here are the 4 people that will be in charge of this years Eagles Draft and FA period:

Howie Roseman – A man who has taken responsibility for drafting Marcus Smith AND the entire 2011 Draft Class, which is probably the worst in Eagles history (Danny Watkins, Jaquan Jarrett in the 2nd and cut a year later, a freaking KICKER in the 4th).

Tom Donahoe – A man who was GM for the Steelers during the ’90’s (the time when they weren’t winning SB’s) and then for the Bills where, as the stats state, the team went 31–48 during his tenure from 2001 to 2005, and he drafted only three players who would go on to make the Pro Bowl with the team. He also was responsible for taking JP Losman in the 1st round. Success!

Doug Pederson – HA. You think Doug P. Fresh is gonna have a lot of pull in that war room? The poor guy probably needs to ask for permission to take a piss. He was hired as a puppet to the FO and a puppet he shall be. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. His talent evaluation skills probably haven’t come a long way since scouting those 7th graders to join Calvary Baptist High School just 8 freaking years ago.


Jeffrey Lurie – The ego is strong with this one, and will only grow greater since Chip Kelly didn’t kiss his grits 24/7. Lurie showing up at Senior Bowl practices to “Evaluate players” is a sign he’s going to be more hands on with football decisions. Which is great, you know, for someone who actually knows football. Not some Boston billionaire who has been eating from a silver spoon his entire life producing Hollywood movies and fell ass-backwards on the dick of a NFL franchise.

And that’s that. I bet this new player personell guy will have a lot to say about this year’s 1st round pick when he gets hired in 2018. I’ve said it before and I’ll hammer it again, this franchise is going NOWHERE until changes are made in the front office. And it’s sad to say it looks like we’re going to be in neutral for the foreseeable future.