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So The Kanye vs Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose Beef Was All A Publicity Stunt

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Well dont we all feel dumb now. Kim K and Amber Rose both post this exact same selfie last night acting like best friends and now we all realize that was nothing but one big publicity stunt. I vividly remember a Stoolie saying this was all publicity stunt. Wiz has an album dropping February 5th, Kanye has an album dropping February 11th. Engage in this whole Twitter fiasco and everyone wins.

I didnt buy it. I didnt think any manufactured beef would take it as far as making fun of children or publicly talking about fingers in the ass. But here we are. Kim and Amber rose posing together like everything is all good. Acting like everybody fucked each other. Like Kanye said “Me and my wife have the type of love that turn exes into best friends.” Fucking bullshit, man. I feel cheated. We were all cheated. One of the most effective successful hoaxes of all time. An A+ publicity stunt. I cant fucking stand the internet anymore, man. I just wanna open up my laptop and make fun of one of my favorite rappers getting his ass fingered and have it be genuinely real. ONE TIME. Just ONE TIME internet. Be real one time.