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It Wouldn't Be Futbol Deadline Day Unless A Reporter Was Getting Assaulted With A Fake Dick



Two years ago







Two things could be happening here, since I can’t understand the guy.


1. He is talking about signing a black player and the fan is reacting accordingly.


2. He’s just getting ear/face/eye fucked by a phallic object because it’s Deadline Day.


Perhaps it’s both, I suppose? If soccer fans love three things it’s 1. being racist and throwing bananas at black people, 2. shoving dicks in reporter’s ears, 3. soccer.


Gotta respect the fight from the Italian reporter though. That guy on Sky Sports News got ear raped and took it like a chump. The Italian dude had some spunk to him though. You think you can keep rubbing your banana all over my face? Oh no, fratello. One is fine, twice is ok, three times I’ll allow, but the fourth? The fourth I’m taking this banana and shoving it right up your ass.