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Of Course The Knicks Don't Run Plays Late Under Derek Fisher


Yup, that sounds about right.  Anyone who has watched the last 1.5 seasons of Knicks basketball cannot really be shocked by this.  And not because the triangle is about being in the flow of the game, creating on the fly and whatnot.  Or because you don’t have to consistently run plays at the end of games. It’s because Derek Fisher is as bad at his job as he is at quietly creeping between sheets (allegedly).  That’s the only way to explain how Arron Afflalo took what felt like every big shot during the end of last week’s Thunder game.  And how a 7’3″ player that has been dubbed a UNICORN for his unique skill set can’t touch the ball at the end of games.  And how Sasha Vujacic still logs even one minute of game time.  Then again, we all know that Fisher was really brought in for his motivational speeches that would be Knute Rockne jealous (this was during a game against the 2014-15 Rockets, by the way.  Not the fucking MonStars).


I feel like Jay-Z at the end of What More Can I Say when he just yells “Fuck this man” and drops the mic.  Fuck Derek Fisher, man.