Science Says The More You Work Out The Less Calories You Burn - Daily Mail

New Scientist – Sorry exercise addicts – all those intense workouts might not be helping you lose as much weight as you thought. People who are the most physically active seem to become more efficient at using energy, and so burn fewer calories when not exercising than the rest of us. As expected, those who were moderately active burned more energy per day than those who were couch potatoes. But this relationship then plateaued, with those who were most active using the same energy as those who were moderately active.

Score another point for everyone out there who lives mediocre. The people out there who live completely average. Do everything Medium. All those assholes at the gym at 6am, during their lunchbreak and after work? Total waste of fucking time. The people running marathons. The people sweating their dicks off at Spin class. The people torturing their bodies all day and night to be healthy. Diminishing returns you dummies. Everyone out there whos jogging on the elliptical for a little while and doing like 50 crunches is getting the same work out you are. Few push ups, a couple curls, a little cardio, and then get back to being a normal human with a normal life while the idiot meatheads and ano chicks spend half their lives at the gym burning like 2 extra calories. Mediocre at everything, for life!

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