On The Anniversary Of The Malcolm Butler Interception, The Replays Depress Me




One year ago today, Malcolm Butler made one of the best plays in Super Bowl history to complete one of the best 4th quarters in Super Bowl history and capped off the best game in Super Bowl history.


Three hundred and sixty five days later, the play saddens me.


All over social media today, people are posting this vine in celebration. Most people are happy to look back and say, “What a great play! Super Bowl champs, baby!” But not me. For me, this is a reminder of what could have been. A reminder that we’re not in the Super Bowl this year and have no chance of defending it. It saddens me. It’s sinking in that the happiness I felt when I saw that interception won’t be replicated for a whole ‘nother year, and that hurts. I know fans of other teams won’t get it, maybe some Pats fans won’t either, but today, and this week, that outstanding play serves more as a remembrance of dreams lost rather than dreams completed. In a few weeks, I’m sure it will return to being a clip that brings tears of joy to my eyes. But right now? It’s depressing. I can’t watch.