Alex Avila Says He Can't Wait To Kick His Dad's Ass

Alex Avila can’t wait to kick his dad’s ass. His dad, for those who don’t know, is the man who was just recently hired as the general manager of the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers, of course, happen to be Avila’s former team — the only team he’s ever played for, in fact. They’re his former team, because the Tigers (aka his dad) decided that the team needed an upgrade at the catching position and did not retain his services. Avila then signed a one-year, $2.5 million deal with the divisional rival Chicago White Sox.

In 2011, Avila hit .295/.389/.506, getting an All Star nod, a Silver Slugger and finished 12th in the MVP voting. Since 2011, Avila has hit .224/.334/.360 in almost 1,500 plate appearances. As recently as last year, Avila slashed .191/.339/.287 in his final season with the Tigers, which the 29-year-old only played in 67 games. Moral of the story is I don’t think he’ll be kicking anybody’s ass any time soon on the baseball field.

But that’s gotta make the holidays pretty uncomfortable for everybody else at the dinner table at the Avila house. When you decide that your team needs to go in a different direction for their catching situation, you’re essentially saying, “Son, you can’t hit for shit anymore, so we’re not going to be retaining your services, nor do we care if you sign with a team within our own division. We actually prefer that, because you suck. Good luck, though!” Yeah, I’d probably fight my dad in real life if he did that. Everybody knows that you have to fight your dad to earn his respect if you don’t already have it. If he won’t give it to you then you have to take it.