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Drummer Rocks Out So Hard He Crashes Through The Bar Window

Now this is one drummer who doesn’t deserve anyone to whip out their nuts on his drum set. A true champion of the kit. Jamming out to a Johnny Cash riff so hard he doesn’t even realize he’s standing and eats it back through the window. The champ easily waltzed right back in, ordered a couple shots of whiskey for personal use, and finished the set. You see your gig through to the end when you drum in a cowboy hat and gloves in Nashville. It’s the law.

The only recent drummer I have more respect for is this beauty from the Far East. It’s this Asian musician’s world and we’re all just helpless bystanders.

Asians, man. Always bringing the heat whether it’s video games, math, or unnecessarily rocking the drums to My Way. Between the white tux and the flair on the set this Asian Colonel Sanders/James Bond is generating all the electricity Japan will ever need. Dude is blatantly rushing and dragging at once and it doesn’t matter. In his defense it’s tough to play at someone else’s tempo when he is the tempo. Not to mention the chick belts out Ol’ Blue Eyes pretty well, too. The day when you don’t welcome a good Frank listen is the day you should die.

Obligatory with every drumming post. Great flick.