Jack Black Ate A Bunch Of Marshmallows And Got In A Pillow Fight On Korean TV




All I wanna know is how much Jack Black got paid to do that. It had to be a startling amount of money. Like when Vinny Chase got paid half a million bucks to do a weird energy drink commercial.  Further proof that being a celebrity is the greatest thing in the world. Even when you’re not still relevant you can still make BANK because places like Korea absolutely love American celebrities even after their time has passed. I’m sure Jack Black still has some of that Kung Fu panda money stashed away but how can you say no to somebody saying, “Hey we will pay you thousands and thousands of dollars to come on our Korean game show to eat marshmallows and get in a pillow fight”?  You can’t. A paycheck is a paycheck is a paycheck. I would have no shame as an actor. I’d take every job that came my way. Commercials, infomercials, local car ads, billboards, everything.  And near the end of my run, yeah I’d dip into some porn. Why not? Strike while the iron is hot.