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The Eliminator: 2000s Hip Hop Classics




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While I think this is a good question, my personal decision is pretty easy. The Black Album and College Dropout are both probably in my Top 10. Which leaves me with Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and The Eminem Show. Obviously as the title of this blog shows, I think all these albums are classics. But I also think that Get Rich Or Die just has more all-timers on it. If you switch The Eminem Show to The Marshall Mathers LP, I am eliminating Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ in a cocaine heartbeat. If it was the Slim Shady LP, I’m still probably getting rid of 50. But these are the cards we have been dealt and I think 50’s best album is better than Eminem’s (in my opinion) third best album. Sorry Marshall.

However, this is Barstool.  We are for the common man by the common man. So place your vote below and we will see which classic album gets the axe.