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Everybody Needs To Calm Down About What Gary McCord Did Or Didn't Say Yesterday


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Outrage time!  Fire up the machine! The latest issue is people thinking CBS golf analyst Gary McCord said they are getting, “raped by the wind” during yesterday’s broadcast. The only problem is that’s not what he said. I’m 99.9% sure he said “raked by the wind” and not “raped by the the wind”  I’ve listened back 500 times and I’m almost positive I hear “raked” Which shows you just how eager people are to jump down somebody’s throat and get them fired. Let’s all just take a deep breath.  That’s all a situation like this needs. A deep breath and an examination of what really happened. People are always so quick to grab their torches and pitchforks before they even really look at the situation.  Everything nowadays is reactionary and people aren’t satisfied until they taste blood. Raked by the wind is a common phrase. I doubt Gary McCord is out there dropping “rape” on a broadcast watched by millions.  You know what will probably happen though?  CBS or McCord will be forced to make an apology for something he didn’t say.  That’s how it works.  Do nothing wrong, Twitter Police think you did something wrong and raise such a stink that it warrants a response.  Later, rinse, repeat. Just another day in the life in 2016.