MLB Network Ranks Their Top 10 Third Baseman, And This List Is Bad.

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This is such a fun group of guys, tons of young talent here. It’s unbelievable at the ages on these guys too, Bryant-24, Machado-23, Arenado-24, scary how good they are for so young. But I will say this, the Shredder’s list is god awful, I mean terrible. It’s not me being a homer at all, it’s me having eyes and seeing that some of these selections are out of order. Give me a break with this list, I thought i was being trolled when I saw this, figured it was an Onion article or something the way this list read. They screwed up this list last year as well, they just can’t get it right. I can’t take it anymore, here is their list, followed by my top 10.

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10- Todd Frazier- Frazier had a MONSTER first half, hitting 25 homers, knocking in 57 RBIs, a .284 average, and an OBP of .337. After his homecoming at the Home Run Derby, he struggled. Frazier only hit 10 homers after the break, and his average and OBP dropped over 60 points. I do like Frazier, think he’s a good glove for the White Sox, and should rebound in 2016, 10 is a solid spot for the Todd Father.

9-Kyle Seager- I was high on Seager last year, and he had a better year this season, than last, yet no one is talking about him because Seattle is a dumpster fire. Seager set a career high in homers (26), and struck out less than 100 times in 161 games played. His RBI total drop from 96 in 2014 to 74 in 2015, he also saw his errors at third double from eight to 16, nothing to really worry about, we all know he’s one of there best fielders, he’s also one of the most underrated players in the game.

8-Matt Carpenter- Carpenter is another guy who no one really talks about. The guy is a doubles machine, 132 over the last three seasons. His power came out of nowhere last season too, hit only 8 in 2014, yet jumped up to 28 in 2015 (sup PEDs). Decent average at .272, and an OBP of .365. Carpenter is an all around good third baseman, I’d expect to see him climb this list in the next few seasons.

7-Jung Ho Kang- Kang was having a pretty good rookie year before getting his leg smashed by a sliding Chris Coghlan. He showed some pop, with 15 homers and 58 batted in. Hit .287 and had an OBP of .355, would love to see that OBP climb a little by drawing some more walks, only 28 for Kang in 2015. I think he fits well in that Pirates lineup, and if that leg is all healed up, will have a nice year.



6- Nolan ArenadoArenado at 6 is a joke, it really is. He one of the top 3 third baseman in baseball and if you don’t think that, your opinion is irrelevant. He’s arguably the best fielder in the league, has a great arm, can make every play, much like Manny, the guy can do it all. Has one of the best power bats in the league as well, and no, it’s not because he plays half his games in Colorado. He would put up the same numbers if he played anywhere else. He actually had more homers on the road (22) than he did at home (20). His offensive numbers are insane. 177 hits, 43 doubles, 42 homers, 130 batted in, .287 BA, an OBP of .323, and slugged .575. Not only is he one of the top third baseman, he’s one of the top players in the league. Get your list straight Shredder, Arenado is criminally misplaced on this list. If you watch him play for 5 minutes, you can see he’s one of the best.


5- Justin Turner- I laughed out loud when I saw former Oriole great Justin Turner ahead of Arenado. Don’t get me wrong, Turner is a good player. Glad he’s finally getting a shot to show what he’s got. He puts up decent numbers (16 hr, 60 RBI, .294 BA, .370 OBP), but I am failing to see why he is this high on the list? If you find out, let me know.

4- Manny Machado- Manny at 4 is a tragedy. Much like Arenado, he is not only one of the best guys at the hot corner, he’s one of the best players in all of baseball. A few years ago, we were saying “Wait until these doubles are turning into home runs”. Guess what, it happened this year. Coming off 2 devastating knee injuries, people feared Manny wouldn’t be able to come back. But he rebounded and finished fourth in the MVP voting, not bad. You’ve seen me gush over Manny for the last few years, so it’s no surprise to you that I think he should be higher, thats not me being a homer, that is me knowing that Manny is one of the best. I could watch him take barehanded grounders and gun people out by 3 steps all god damn day, he may have the strongest arm in all of baseball too. Good chance he ends up with double digit Gold Gloves. Seriously, what can’t he do? I’ll wait.

3- Adrian Beltre- I love Adrian Beltre, that is a fact. I think he has a future in Cooperstown, but having him at 3 in this stage of his career is questionable. Father time is catching up to him, we saw it last year when he hurt his back and did the poop walk down to first. He’s still producing at the plate, just with less power, but at his age and this stage of his career, that is to be expected. I’m fine with him being on the list, but not this high.

2- Kris Bryant- Everyone was excited on #BryantDay last season, when we saw Jesus Christ himself reincarnated into the blue eyed wonder boy. Bryant bounced around the field last season, but saw himself at third the majority of the time. Watching him at the plate was just awesome. He has a different swing, it just looks unique. But you talk about someone who has all the tools? Bryant is that guy. Likely has some MVP’s in his future if he can beat out his BFF Bryce. And much like Bryce, he is putting up numbers that a 24-year-old should not be putting up. 26 bombs, 99 RBI, 31 doubles, 77 walks, 199 strikeouts jump out to you though, but he’s young, that eye will come around. He also batted .275 and had an OBP of .369. There is no doubt the kid is special, he’ll be atop this list for a while.



1- Josh DonaldsonUnlike most Orioles fans, I LOVE Donaldson. He’s so much fun to watch, he hits the shit out of the ball, and like Arenado and Machado, can make all the plays. The bombs he hits aren’t cheapies either, we’re talking moon shots. He had the A.L. MVP locked up by the end of the August, and if you see his numbers you know why. 41 doubles, 41 bombs, 123 RBI, .297 BA, and an OBP of 371. He was the best player on one of the top teams, and IDC if he has a man bun or whatever dumb hair it is, I’d love the guy on my team. Donaldson at #1 was such an easy choice for everyone.

RDT’s Top 10

10. Evan Longoria

9. Mike Moustakas

8. Kyle Seager

7. Todd Frazier

6. Matt Carpenter

5. Adrian Beltre

4. Kris Bryant

3. Nolan Arenado

2. Manny Machado


1. Josh Donaldson

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