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NHL All Star Game Prep: Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With Some Great Moments From All Star Games Past


We’ve got the NHL All Star Weekend kicking off with the Skills Competition tonight at 7 and then the game itself on Sunday at 5. There’s been plenty of drama surrounding John Scott and the NHL this year but for plenty of people, nobody really gives a shit about the All Star Game. Just kind of something that’s there, a gimmick, an exhibition game, whatever. But I really think this year’s game/tournament is going to be a lot of fun to watch. I think the 3-on-3 tournament series is going to make for a much different event than we’ve ever seen before. And with the winning team getting a $1 million prize, there’s a little more incentive to actually try out there. Especially for some of the younger guys who could use the extra spending money. So regardless, I still love the game and think it’s a great event and I figured we’d take some time to remember some of the more memorable moments from All Star Games past. I’m not gonna do a top 10 or anything since 1) trying to count on a Saturday morning sucks and 2) it’s too difficult to rank things. Those hacks at BuzzFeed don’t get enough credit for having the ability to do that. So no specific order here, just some cool things that happened before. Not all of the cool things ever, but just some of the cool things. Cool? Cool.

CONFIRMED: Patrick Kane is good at hockey.

Owen Nolan with the shot heard ’round the world.

Fuckin’ All Star

I just really enjoy this entire lineup.

Gretzky’s first, Gordie’s last. Also, those jerseys would kick the shit out of this year’s.

The 90s were sweet.

Phat Phil gets picked last.

Voracek Gives A Young Fan The Experience Of A Lifetime 

P.S. – I was all on board the “Who gives a shit of John Scott plays in the game or not” train for the longest time but it’s hard not to be crazy happy for the guy right now. I mean, look at that shit eating grin. It’s like a little kid sneaking into an R-rated movie.