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360 Degree Video Where You Tilt and Turn Your Phone Is Awesome

HP - Bust out your VR headsets — it’s time for a snowball fight. Videographer Griffin Harrington posted a video to Facebook on Monday that gives viewers a 360-degree, immersive look into how people in the nation’s capital dealt with Winter Storm Jonas over the weekend.  Though the snow storm brought the White House to a halt, Harrington’s video shows that some fun-seekers in Washington couldn’t resist the fresh powder.  To get an optimal view of the action, open the video on your phone and tilt and rotate the screen as you watch Harrington drive through the city, go sledding and engage in a massive snowball fight.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 3.02.49 PM

Ok so if it’s not working for you, click here and find out why. Because if this is the future of video, I love it. If this is why we are all going to be wearing those big Oculus virtual reality headsets, I’m all in. Because I was just tilting and spinning around that snowball fight, dippin and duckin and dodgin. I imagine the future is where you’ll literally be throwing snowballs at your friends halfway around the world threw your VR headset or something. I’m probably a simpleton for thinking 360 degree video where you can look at something while someone else looks at something else, but whatever, it’s a Friday and this was bonkers cool, and I never claimed to not be a simpleton to begin with.