Head Of Chicago Anti Violence Group Arrested For Allegedly Beating His Wife, Whoops!



CHICAGO (CBS) – The head of a publicly funded anti-violence group is now facing charges after allegedly attacking his wife inside their suburban home. Tio Hardiman, the head of Cease Fire/Cure The Violence, was arrested after allegedly striking his wife, Alison, in Hillside, CBS 2?s Mai Martinez reports. Hardiman was booked at the Hillside Police station and has been charged with domestic abuse. He is scheduled to appear in bond court on Saturday.

His wife suffered bruises. Hardiman’s Cease Fire organization works to intervene between rival gang members to prevent gun violence in the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods. The group receives state funding to conduct its work, according to Hardiman’s bio on the Cease Fire website. Hardiman grew up in the CHA’s Henry Horner homes, and witnessed the devastation of gang violence first-hand. That experience led him to work to stop gang-related shootings in the city.


Oooh, Tio, not a good look buddy. Can’t be doing this in general, but you really can’t be doing this when you’re the head of the Cure the Violence group. That is what we call getting yourself in a little bit of a pickle. Like an arsonist firefighter, or a homophobic politician who gets caught blowing dicks, or when Chris Hansen got caught cheating on camera. Basically the only thing you couldn’t do was get violent on someone, and then you went and did it anyway. In Spanish that’s what we like to call a no bueno.