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Sean Lee Is Taking Pics With Hula Girls At The Pro Bowl And Giving The Most Outrageous Hoverhand I've Ever Seen

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Sean, man, what in the world is that? Fuck room for the Holy Ghost, there’s ample space for a Holy Trinity threesome there. If you’re going to have your hand a mile away from the girl then what’s the point of even putting it out there? Just fold your arms like everybody else if you think cooties are that contagious. I’ve never understood the hoverhand. She’s taking a picture with you, not dancing on a pole. If you grab a handful some huge bouncer isn’t going to kick your ass in a back alley. You’re a professional athlete, her job is to get you lei’d (OHHHHH!!!!!), pull that hard 10 body as close as possible and you be a man. Gronk just saw this and threw his computer out the window he was so upset.



h/t Mark