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Cubs And Yankees Outings Added To The Barstool At The Ballpark Line Up

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Two major additions to the Barstool At The Ballpark schedule thats already filled with heavy hitters. Mets vs Cubs in July with unlimited beer for just $95 is perhaps the best deal in all of sports at the moment. For real I dont think I can come up with a more enjoyable scenario than a Mets ace against the Cubs bats, eating hot dogs and drinking unlimited beer on a summer night for just 95 bucks. If you’re from Chi town, thats worth making the trip to NY.

And as always we’ll have one Subway Series game. Of course a bit pricier because its the Yankees but if you check the secondary market this is actually a steal. The only tickets available in the Coke Corner is the Barstool section. And of course the whole point of our outings is that you get free beer until the 7th inning. So the best way to get in the building and slug beer for Mets vs Yankees this year is through Barstool.

We’ll probably add a September game as we run away with the NL East again but thats probably the only other addition. So more or less this is your complete slate of Barstool-Mets-Unlimited Beer outings.