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Frankie MacDonald Just Sent Out A Blizzard Warning For Iowa So Batten Down The Hatches



This is what I get for saying I was jealous of everybody on the east coast last week with all their snow. A big ol’ blizzard headed towards Iowa. I’m actually okay with blizzards and our boy Frankie nailed the reasons in his A+ weather report.  This weekend I get to go to the grocery store and stock up on piles and piles of unhealthy food that I otherwise might not buy.  Frozen pizzas, Doritos, Oreos, Chips Ahoy, E.L. Fudge, ice cream, ranch sunflower seeds, Gatorade and booze. Then of course I’ll get the Chinese food just as the snow starts to fall so it’s fresh. Blizzards are the best excuse to eat like a complete shithead. And it’s okay because everyone is doing it.  If the blizzard doesn’t come?  Well then I get to eat all of the food anyway because I bought it. That’s not even counting the plans you get to cancel. “Oh I’d love to come hang out and see the baby but they haven’t plowed my street yet. Sorry.” Wins all over the place. Bring on the snow.


By the way, how does Frankie not have his own show yet on TV? How is the Weather Channel not kicking down Frankie’s door with an offer? That doesn’t make any sense at all. There are countless other YoutTube stars who don’t have as much talent as Frankie has in one of his pinky fingers.  Dude is hilarious AND gives out good information. Stupid world.