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Video Of Quentin Tarantino Reading His "Kill Bill" Script to Robert Rodriguez In 1994 Makes You Realize How Much Tarantino Loves His Movies

“Fade up. A wall covered in red blood and brains”. You know what I love about Quentin Tarantino? He didn’t decide to be another name in the hat. He decided to be the hat. He made movies his way from the get-go. It helps that he’s a movie making genius with a brain so evolved that none of us can really even comprehend it, but still. You can just see in the way he’s reading that draft of Kill Bill in 1994, so much swagger, so cocky, so sure of himself. He’s not stopping and being like “ok what do you think about this?” He is more giddy with delight like “check out how awesome I am at writing, I can’t wait to drag my nuts across the foreheads of people who doubted me”.

And Kill Bill, yeah, that movie turned out alright.

PS: My favorite Tarantino film is Inglourious Basterds. Christoph Waltz with one of the best acting jobs of all time.

And the reason I say “obligeeee him” all the time. (As well as “that’s a bingo!”)