People Are Quite Upset That Many Of McDonald's Mozzarella Sticks Don't Have Any Cheese In Them

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Yahoo - McDonald’s is under fire from customers accusing the burger chain of serving mozzarella sticks that are missing a key ingredient: cheese. Customers are posting pictures of hollowed-out mozzarella sticks online and accusing the burger chain of serving them “fried air.” McDonald’s launched mozzarella sticks nationwide this month as part of a new “McPick 2” promotion, which allows customers to pick two of the following for $2: a McDouble, a McChicken, small fries, and mozzarella sticks. The mozzarella sticks are also available on their own, costing $1 for three sticks.

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Absolutely hilarious. I guess McDonald’s is still working the kinks out of their mozz sticks. Can’t have everything, I guess. I will say though if you order mozz sticks from McDonald’s just once to try them out, that’s fine. But if you are a repeat customer for their mozzarella sticks, you have issues. It’s like going to Wendy’s for breakfast or Dunkin for lunch, you get what you deserve. Like if you go to Dunkin for the chicken salad sandwich and they give you two slices of bread with mayo in the middle, I don’t think you can complain. That’s on you for choosing that establishment for a food you should have never ordered. This is just a lesson in consumerism and how to use your brain. You go to McDonald’s for the burgers, for the fries, maybe some nuggies, even for a milkshake (containing 0% milk). But if you order mozzarella sticks and get no cheese, all you can do is laugh.

Ordering McDonald’s mozzarella sticks like

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