Misogynistic Salmon Shoots Out Of The Water Right Into A Woman's Kisser

POW! Those damn fish targeting and smacking around women. Unreal. What, that salmon couldn’t have taken out any of the men on the boat? Typical misogynistic fish. At least her guy friends cared if she lost her face. Oh, wait, not they didn’t. And as they shouldn’t until they realized she’s in obvious pain. That smack to the kisser is instantly hilarious if that was a man or a woman getting the business. It could’ve been worse, too. Like this marlin that almost decapitated a fisherman and made him shit his pants overboard.

Hooper, full throttle!!! Farewell and adieu to you fair pussy fisherman. Closest thing to recreating a scene on the Orca we’ll ever see. Drunken old Quint in the saddle, an overzealous Hooper on the lines and a scared shitless Chief avoiding real responsibility at all costs. Almost poetic. No way Brody remembered his rubbers with those pink shorts.