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Ex-Cincy Star Jason Maxiell Chases Down Chinese Dude Around The Court After Cheap Shot Foul

GODZIRRA!!! Hilarious stuff. Kind of representative of this whole Chinese basketball thing in general. Like these Chinese dudes just want to start a league, play some hoops, make some cash and call it a day. And now they have these NBA rejects or washed up American pros coming overseas and fucking their whole shit up. Thats probably why he pushed him behind in the first place. Dude now has to play against fucking JASON MAXIELL from that Cincinnati team of convicts? I’d be pissed too. I sure as fuck wouldnt set him off so that he’s chasing me down like Ron Artest hunting down fans at the Malice at the Palace, but I can understand why they’re pissed.

And you know what the best part of this video is? Its MICHAEL BEASLEY that calms him down. Can you imagine flying so far off the handle that Super Cool Beas is the one to talk you off the ledge? I love how he grabbed his Asian teammate like, dude get the fuck out of here, I got this. Take a walk before Maxiell actually eats you. And you’d love to hear what he said. Laughing it up like “Yo cool it man! We got a good thing going here! We get paid decent money to play against these Chinese scrubs. We have no other discernible talents dude! If we fuck this up we’re making sandwiches at Subway. Calm down!”